State of Trance Signs




There are a number of physiological changes that occur as a state of trance develops.


Minute changes are constantly occurring in facial expression, with training you can learn to distinguish these changes. In order of increasing difficulty to identify, they include:


1. Breathing Rate (Fast to Slow) Location - Breathing high in the chest or from the abdomen. (High to Low) Depth (Shallow to Deep)


2. Facial Muscle Tone This is best seen by looking at the reflected light. As the muscles relax more fully the face regains its symmetry and the skin becomes smoother and shinier as it reflects light better (Symmetrical to asymmetrical )


3. Eyes Focus (Focused to Defocused) Pupil Dilation (Dilated to Contracted) The eyes may go through a period of random movement as a hypnotic trance develops.


4. Skin Color Skin color is controlled by the amount of blood in the surface of the skin. (Light to Dark)


5. Lower Lip Size The lips change size. This is best seen by looking at the lines in the lips. When swollen the lines decrease and even disappear.