Diet Planning - How Not To Buy Junk Food At The Supermarket




Grazing, Bingeing and Snacking does not start with you opening a packet of chocolate Chip Cookies

And it does not happen because they just happen to be in your cupboard.

Or because it was you that bought them at the supermarket.

It was just before that, when you made the decision to buy. It is at that point that you can change the way you think by changing your habits.

The idea of writing out a menu for the week, creating a list of all the ingredients and shopping for them is no longer that common. But how useful it is. Don't wander through the aislesloading your trolley fairly randomly. Alright there are the essentials and some planned meals of course, but there are also the dangerous impulse buys. Those snacks.

This might not be the most important thing to you, but when I started doing this I started to save money. It is those snacks that really cost. You will be surprised the first time you noticethis.

As a hypnotherapist I extract a promise not to impulse buy and avoid the snack and junk food aisles at the supermarket. Both before the hypnotherapy and during, by agreement, ofcourse. It is the single hardest thing to do but it tells me if someone is really committed to losing weight. It is also just the kind of habit that hypnotherapy can help you break.That leads us to the next bad habit.